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"To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail."
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♥LoveYouAlot2♥   omgtim!
Homosexual mexican male stripper   WHERE R U SOCKS
PashtelPopkern   Timmy . -_-
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!! ʏᴏᴜɴᴇs !!   its a world record :p 5100 friends!
MrVmog   I don't think you've seen Champ.
New wall post.   ^
~ Mᴏɴᴋᴇʏғᴜᴍᴇ ~   What is your trick for mass adding?
Takes forever to do it manually :/
Is there a bot you have?
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Ashford / AryaStark_   "I'm 200% nigga" -Gandalf
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Lewis   I guess I might as well play BF4 Beta... Why the fck Not...
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Cinncinatus   Who are you on it?
Kelhunter2212   Does some1 know why the crap it says I am not connected to EA the whole time I try to connect XD
Lewis   Beta has ended.
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Niké   Whats.with.all.the.periods.instead.of.spaces?
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Pokeit   no.plz
Kelhunter2212   Don't be on your period!
Lewis   Of.Course
MaverickA95   Fuck.You.De.Friending
Niké   ctfu
Lewis   Okay.bye.bye :)
Toxic   Quit.Wasting.Useless.Seconds.Of.My.Life.,.Not .That.I.Actually.Have.A.Life.To.Be.Wasting... ...
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Lewis :p
Lewis   If.You.Do.Not.Look.At.This.Post.You.Will.Miss.Out.On.Life's.Biggest.Adventure.

You just waisted valuable seconds of your life....
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「 єmвєr 」   Yay.
☢ Cottage_Dishwasher ☢   Pff. as if i spend it on anything important
Lewis on.enjin
Lewis   Oh.Mah.Gawd...
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Toxic   for some reason I felt I needed to see this post...
「 єmвєr 」   Becky.Look.At.Her.Butt...
Lewis   Well, actually... It wasn't the post, it was the name at the side of the post that made you look at it.
Lewis   Signup to [link] & try out the server if you like Prison Servers.. I am actually enjoying this XD
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